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Single-Item Division Categories

Annual Reports

Creative print and/or digital representation of annual reports for businesses, foundations, academic institutions, organizations or other agencies that showcase organizational excellence to key audiences and the public at large.


Earned feature article, news article, blog or opinion piece.

Visual Communications/Infographics

Single visual graphics leveraged externally or internally with superior results.


  • (A) Print
  • (B) Digital


  • (A) Print
  • (B) Digital


  • (A) Print
  • (B) Digital

Digital Communications

(A) Video Communications: Creative content and/or innovative use of broadcast, streaming, b-roll, internal video, PSAs, satellite media tour, mobile, shared or social media, vlog, viral videos, etc.

(B) Websites: New or newly redesigned website that demonstrates exceptional content, design, navigation and presentation.

(C) Podcasts: Audio or video delivered as part of a syndicated series that can be downloaded or streamed online. Listeners or viewers must be able to subscribe to updates that are either delivered automatically or made available to the subscriber in some aggregated format.