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Campaign Division Categories

Community Relations
Programs that improve or maintain an organization's relationship or image within the community (specific geographic location) in which it operates

Content Marketing
Programs that effectively leverage articles, videos, infographics and other types of relevant and valuable narrative content to introduce and/or promote a brand or organization

Corporate Social Responsibility
Programs designed to contribute to sustainability and societal well-being by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders

Crisis Communications and Issues Management
Programs that deal with internal or external situations designed to detect, protect or defend an individual or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation, or to manage, respond to, or prepare for a crisis, disaster or emergency

Digital and Social Media Communications
Programs that utilize digital and/or social media platforms, emerging technologies and/or new applications as their primary source of outreach to generate awareness, influence behavior and allow individuals/groups to collaborate and share knowledge/experiences online

Diversity and Inclusion
Programs designed to reach multicultural or diverse audience groups, or to promote diversity by recognizing the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of an organization's cultural audience

Employee Engagement
Programs that enhance an organization's relationship with employees and/or publics directly allied with the organization, including members, affiliated dealers and franchisees

A single event or series of events that draw attention to an organization, product, service or a commemorative occasion

Executive Communications
Programs specifically designed to build the personal brand of one or more company executives

Influencer Campaigns
Creative, appropriate and effective identification, engagement and use of an ambassador or other influencer to introduce, enhance or promote and organization or brand message to key audiences

Integrated Marketing
Programs that utilize a combination of marketing communications tactics -- including but not limited to earned media, paid media, advertising, digital communications (website, blogs, email marketing, etc.), content marketing, social media and conference activities -- to promote your client or organizations

Investor Relations
Programs for both public and private companies that effectively communicate an organization's financial story to enhance an employer's or client's financial standing, inform and attract shareholders, or otherwise improve and maintain relations with industry analysts, the investment community and local business community

Media Relations
Innovative, engaging or other successful techniques that captured the attention of media and connected them with your organization or client. These programs should stretch the boundaries of traditional press release campaigns and showcase what media success looks like in our new, ever-evolving media landscape -- spanning the realms of earned, paid and shared media.

PR on a Shoestring Budget
Programs and/or projects that were conducted with limited funds/budget. While a "shoestring" budget is subjective, winners in this category are those who have done more with significantly less and yielded outstanding results.

Public Affairs
Programs that create or enhance public/government awareness and/or support a social, political, economic, environmental or other public concern. This includes programs that create awareness for a specific issue or political candidate to affect legislation, regulations or political action at the local, state or federal government level.

Reputation Management
Programs that proactively introduce, promote, or enhance the image, profile and reputation of an organization to its key constituents (This is not a category for crisis management).